Our Commitment – Your Legacy

With over 15,000km of coastline, a sparse population density, access to high quality resources and low levels of pollution, we are truly thankful to call New Zealand home. At Ctomi, our mission is to showcase our New Zealand with integrity, transparency and virtue, benefiting generations to come.

We create the highest quality supplement and functional skincare products in the world, validated by world class research and development. Ctomi products are designed for people who have legacy top of mind.

Founded in 2014 by a passionate group of supplement and skincare experts, Ctomi has quickly grown to become a respected brand across New Zealand and throughout Asia. The Ctomi team of directors have over four decades of experience in the supplement and skincare sector, together building a portfolio of skills and expertise across an impressive range of related fields. Our collaborative input has resulted in an outstanding collection of natural health and skincare formulations that are best in class.

Our business model is different. We believe in direct communication and complete transparency. That’s why you won’t see our products sold in pharmacies or supermarkets. When you buy Ctomi products, you’re buying the best, directly from us. Dealing directly with our customers enables us to supply products at a fair price-point (no retailer margins) and assure the quality control process. There’s no better way to do business.

Manufactured in New Zealand and sold globally, our exceptional range of Ctomi products are formulated to give you the support you need to excel in life. We are unrelenting in delivering you the highest performing products backed by industry-leading research and development. Come and join us on our journey- we’re committed to helping you build your legacy.