At Ctomi, we’re guided by a set of unique and honest values that shape who we are as a company. These values are ingrained in the DNA of every product we produce and will continue to mold us as we grow. We’re proud to share these values with you.

Legacy is Top of Mind

We’re not interested in trying to make a quick buck by pushing product. We’re in it for the long haul; we’re committed to creating a special legacy that will last generations. It’s written into our mission statement and is at the heart of everything we do. The value of legacy ties into every aspect of our business, resulting in world-class products for you and your family. Because your legacy is just as important as ours.

We Refuse to Compromise on Quality Ingredients

At Ctomi, we simply refuse to use second-class ingredients in our products. From organic spirulina extract through to manuka honey, our ingredients across the board are sourced from world-class suppliers both in New Zealand and globally. We won’t budge on this.

We Push the Boundaries of Innovation

We’re proud to have a range of products that are both unique in their ingredients and innovative in their benefits. We think outside the box and aren’t scared to challenge the status quo. We believe in being different.

Our Manufacturing Standards are World Class

Our products are made to be ingested or applied to your skin- this is a serious business where sub-par manufacturing practices can pose real dangers. Our series of manufacturing facilities are RMP (Risk Management Programme), GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) accredited, giving you assurance that our products are manufactured in controlled environments according to strict procedures.