Bilberry 17,000


Bilberry has been used for decades by those who struggle with vision. The high levels of anthocyanins help improve blood flow to the eyes (supporting vision sharpness) and fight free radical damage that can often affect the cornea, macula and retina. Bilberry 17,000 is an excellent supplement for those who suffer from common eye problems such as general soreness, glare sensitivity and strains.


Take 1 capsule daily with breakfast for optimal performance.


In addition to powerful anthocyanins, bilberry contains numerous phenolic compounds, including flavonols and various tannins. These phenolic compounds are antioxidants as well as iron chelators, which may help to remove heavy metals from the body. Lutein’s antioxidant abilities actively fight free radical damage.

Key Ingredient

Bilberry - Natures Superfruit

A cousin of the world famous blueberry, bilberry has been used for centuries to help treat conditions such as diarrhea and scurvy. Today bilberry is noted for its unique properties that help to support healthy vision, circulation and cholesterol levels. Like the blueberry, the bilberry is a low-growing shrub with red, blue and purple flowers. The bilberry fruit is rich in anthocyanins, a p......

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