Black Cohosh

Menopausal Relief and More

While quite often inconvenient and uncomfortable, hormonal changes in women are a normal part of life. Issues such as PMS and menopause are both unavoidable, age-related byproducts of the natural development within a woman’s body. Such conditions are often misunderstood and can give way to a variety of issues such as discomfort, pain, mood changes and sleep issues.

One celebrated treatment for PMS and menopausal issues is black cohosh- a herbal root that helps to support optimal hormonal balance within women. Black cohosh is a flowering plant found within the shrub sections of forest or woodland areas worldwide. The roots and rhizomes are made up of sugar compounds, anti-inflammatory substances and plant-based estrogens. First discovered by the Native Americans centuries ago, the root was primarily used to treat gynecological disorders as well as a variety of general health issues such as sore throats and kidney complications.

When ingested, black cohosh binds to the estrogen receptors within the body, balancing hormones naturally and reducing typical PMS or menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, cramps and more. With modern research revealing the dangers of hormone replacement therapy, black cohosh is becoming increasingly popular for women who are looking for safer, more natural treatments for hormonal issues.

Black cohosh is safe for most woman and a vital ingredient in our Vitex soft gel. Purchase yours today for active support during times of hormonal imbalance.