Cranberry 60,000 含蔓越莓籽油


Our Cranberry 60,000 supplement contains concentrated cranberry extract for the active support of a healthy bladder and urinary tract. Our high-potency extract helps to combat harmful bacteria by discouraging them from binding to the urinary tract wall.

Packed full of antioxidants, Cranberry 60,000 is also great for skin and helps to promote cell integrity while keeping skin soft, supple and hydrated.


Our Cranberry soft gels work effectively when paired with foods that are rich in vitamin E and bioflavonoids (such as nuts, leafy vegetables and legumes). We recommend taking our supplement once daily with dinner and keeping to this routine in order to keep your bloodstream levels stable.


In addition to the impressive amount of vitamins and minerals, cranberries also boast high levels of phytonutrients such as quercetin (anti-inflammatory), benzoic acid (antiseptic), epicatechins (helps to protect against heart disease) and proanthocyanidins (a pure class of antioxidant).


蔓越莓籽油 - 护肤的秘密武器

当谈到对健康的益处时,找不到比蔓越莓更好的水果。蔓越莓含有所有水果中最高含量的抗氧化剂,并且在历史上曾被北美的部落用做药物。在现代,蔓越莓以各种不同的方式被人们服用,并提供对健康的益处,涵盖了整个身体范围。 最近,我们开始发现蔓越莓传统上被忽视的不可小觑的部分——种子和油。为了提取油,未提炼的蔓越莓籽是被低温压榨的。这就成为了我们蔓越莓凝胶的基础成分。 蔓越莓籽油最让人兴奋的是,它是我们所......