Deer Placenta with Marine Collagen


Rich in benefits, Deer Placenta may help to maintain general health and wellbeing, while offering support during times of stress or after childbirth. Our Deer Placenta supplement contains added collagen and astaxanthin; powerful nutrients which actively fight against free radicals while helping to improve skin elasticity and moisture retention.

Take 1-2 capsules daily or as professionally directed

Sustainably sourced from the New Zealand red deer, deer placenta is rich in powerful growth factors that help to revitalise the skin while supporting general health. Deer placenta contains high levels of IGF-1; a protein rich in over 70 amino acids that promotes tissue development and organ health. The natural hyaluronic acid in deer placenta supports skin hydration, vision sharpness and optimal joint function.
Key Ingredient

Deer Placenta - Packed full of nutrients

In the last few years, the power of placenta has been well documented in western media. Countless stories on its nutritional profile and overall health benefits have resulted in an explosion of placenta supplements on the market. But what exactly is placenta and what makes it so beneficial for you? Placenta is an organ that fosters the exchange of vital nutrients between a mother and child ......

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