Deer Placenta

Packed full of nutrients

In the last few years, the power of placenta has been well documented in western media. Countless stories on its nutritional profile and overall health benefits have resulted in an explosion of placenta supplements on the market. But what exactly is placenta and what makes it so beneficial for you?

Placenta is an organ that fosters the exchange of vital nutrients between a mother and child during pregnancy. Various Asian cultures have been promoting placenta for hundreds of years as an essential component to restoring nutritional wellbeing after childbirth. At Ctomi, we manufacture our placenta supplements from New Zealand red deer, which is renowned globally as being disease free.

Deer placenta is full of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance that helps restore the youthfulness of skin, lubricates joints and sharpens eyesight.

Deer placenta is also rich in IGF-1- a growth factor containing over 70 amino acids which helps promote new tissue growth and organ health. Our entire body including all organs and bones are nourished by IGF-1. Deer placenta is also rich in vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin B, Vitamin E, calcium, phosphorous, zinc and copper.

Our deer placenta supplements are encapsulated via. a unique freeze-dried technology that maintains the full nutritional profile of fresh deer placenta. Our deer placenta is sustainable and taken from a registered DINZ farm in the South Island.

In addition to general wellbeing, deer placenta is ideal for those who are looking for softer skin, better blood circulation, reduced fine lines and wrinkles, sharper vision and lubricated joints. Just 1-2 capsules of our Deer Placenta supplement daily will start you on your journey to better health!