HEAL Manuka Honey Skin Repair


Harnessing the incredible healing properties of manuka honey, our HEAL Manuka Honey Skin Repair nourishes, protects and enhances your skin. HEAL is suitable for sunburn, bruises, grazes, minor abrasions and dry and damaged skin.


Take a generous amount of HEAL and rub directly into dry or damaged skin. Not to be used on open cuts or wounds.


HEAL’s natural formulation with manuka honey is specifically designed for dry and damaged skin. The high level of enzymes found in manuka honey creates a natural hydrogen peroxide that unlike other types of honey, is not easily destroyed by light, heat and other enzymes in the body. Manuka honey works as a supercharged antibacterial, helping to protect and nourish skin that is in need of some love. HEAL also contains colloidal silver which has major antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties as well as shea butter which is exceptionally healing and moisturising.

Key Ingredient

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