Lanolin Skin Cream


Our exceptional Lanolin Skin Cream has been specifically formulated to help prevent the skin from losing moisture, resulting in soft, smooth and supple skin. With added Rosehip Oil, Jojoba oil and Chamomile extract, our Lanolin Skin Cream will also diminish fine lines and wrinkles, keeping your skin looking youthful and toned


Open the jar and with clean hands, take the cream and apply liberally all over the body, paying special attention to areas of dry or damaged skin. Safe for all skin types.


The molecules within Lanolin hold 250% of their own weight in water and enable the skin to lock-in moisture for optimal hydration. Lanolin is semi-occlusive and allows skin to actively breathe while providing protection. Lanolin’s natural properties mimic our own stratum corneum lipids, improving the natural functions of human skin while controlling trans-epidermal water loss
Key Ingredient

Lanolin- Nature’s Most Effective Emollient -

Lanolin has long been renowned for its ability to naturally moisturise the skin, which is why we decided to make our very own Lanolin Skin Cream. Although it’s been used in skincare for hundreds of years, many people are still discovering lanolin for the first time. To help you understand exactly what lanolin is, take a look at some inforamtion we’ve complied below: What is Lano......

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