A Powerfully Effective Phytonutrient

Discovered less than 100 years ago, lycopene is a phytonutrient found primarily in tomatoes and contains the pigment that gives them their red colour. Lycopene is fat soluble, which means its absorbed much better when taken with fats such as butter, olive oil or meat. Lycopene contains a whole host of benefits than can help support a healthy lifestyle for people of all ages.

The antioxidant properties in lycopene are so powerful that they can help protect your body from harmful pesticides that are commonly sprayed on food. Pesticides are sprayed on food to help protect them from insects and most are incredibly harmful to the human body. Two of the most common pesticides found on food are dichlorvos and atrazine. Taking high concentrations of lycopene helps to protect your liver from the corruption caused by dichlorvos and surrounds your adrenal cortex to minimize the effects caused by atrazine. Lycopene is also effective in protecting cells against the effects of MSG- a common additive to food.

The antioxidant properties in lycopene are beneficial for general eye health and vision. Antioxidants help to improve blood flow to the eyes (supporting vision sharpness) and fights free radical damage that can often affect the cornea, macula and retina. For older adults, this is especially beneficial. Antioxidant properties can also help to lower blood pressure, relive oxidative stress in bones and counteracts future brain cell damage by stimulating specific mitochondrial interactions.

Unfortunately, eating tomatoes alone won’t give you the lycopene concentrations needed to experience the benefits that lycopene can produce. Our CtoMi lycopene supplement contains your daily dose of lycopene in a single supplement, suitable for adults of all ages. Visit your online store now and allow this super phytonutrient to work wonders in your body.