Sheep Placenta

Rich in Rejuvenating Nutrients

Our team at CtoMi have recently discovered the rejuvenating properties of ovine placenta. Extracted sustainably from healthy sheep, ovine placenta is an excellent source of various nutrients, lipids and growth factors. Ovine placenta is high in special proteins that help to promote cell growth, regulate hormones and provide protection to the immune system.

Ovine placenta has recently been touted as a natural skin rejuvenator. The stem cells in ovine placenta have been identified as being able to help slow down the aging process by regenerating cells that may have been compromised by compounds such as free radicals. The regeneration of healthy cells allow our skin to actively absorb the beneficial nutrients such as placental proteins, which help to lift and plump the skin while providing much-needed hydration.

Ovine placenta is an ideal supplement for women who struggle with hormonal imbalance. Ovine placenta is rich in bioactive ingredients such as RNA, peptides, amino acids and lipids- all of which help to restore normal hormone balance as well as encourage healthy sexual energy & fertility function. The gonadotropins found in ovine placenta such as oestrogen and progesterone can also help to regulate menstruation, help dull menstrual pain and support a healthy transition through menopause.

Ovine placenta is currently a hotly researched topic, with scientists continually making discoveries that show extensive benefits to our overall health. Our ovine placenta soft gels are the ideal supplement for those looking to replenish their skin and balance their hormones.