Powerful Nutrients from the Sea

A natural gift from the ocean, oyster is incredibly high in a number of essential vitamins and nutrients needed for daily function. With high levels of protein, oysters are often used by bodybuilders to help with muscle production. Oyster is also high in zinc, omega 3 fatty acids, iron, calcium and vitamin C.

One of the most widely celebrated nutritional benefits lie in oysters’ high levels of zinc. Oysters have more zinc per serving than any other food known to man. The body has no natural way of storing zinc, which is why it’s important that you continue to supplement your body daily. Zinc helps to protect the immune system from common cold symptoms and is also crucial in the functioning of taste and smell. For men, the most talked about benefit of zinc is its ability to promote the production of testosterone. Healthy levels of testosterone within men contribute to increased muscle mass, brain health, strong bones, heart health and positive energy levels.

For centuries, oysters have well been known as an aphrodisiac for men. Once thought of as an old folks tale, there now seems to be some claim to this case resulting from increased research on the benefits of zinc. The high levels of zinc found within oysters help to encourage prostate wellness, testicular health, sperm quality and a healthy sex drive.

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