POWER Muscle Rub & Repair Cream


Ideal for anyone who engages in physical activity or gym work, POWER helps to stimulate the active repair of muscles across the entire body. With arnica extract and magnesium oil , POWER’s supercharged herbal formulation is ideal for bruising, strains, sprains and other common injuries. POWER is the ideal repair cream for those looking to keep their competitive edge.


Place a small amount of POWER into the palm of the hand and rub directly into the affected area. Use daily for optimal results and wash hands thoroughly after use.


POWER’s unique herbal blend includes arnica- a powerful herb whose active ingredients help to decrease pain and reduce swelling. Our propriety formulation includes Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil®, considered by many to be the gold standard for rapidly restoring cellular magnesium levels through the skin, helping athletes to combat not just injury, but fatigue, blood sugar control and metabolism.

Key Ingredient

Magnesium - The Miracle Mineral for Muscles

If you love to work out or have a lifestyle that includes regular physical activity, you’ll understand the constant feeling of muscle soreness. Once thought to be a negative side effect of physical activity, we now understand that this pain is a result of microscopic tears in the muscle and the resulting inflammation that forms from it. Believe it or not, this is actually a good thing as yo......

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