Aloe Vera

Targeted Nourishment for your Hair and Scalp

With an astonishing 75 active compounds and a whole host of vitamins and minerals, aloe vera is one of the most nutrient dense and effective botanical sources known to man.

It provides 20 of the 22 human-required amino acids, 100% of the essential amino acids and helps to support the proper function and growth of all the body’s systems.

With such a complete nutritional profile, it’s not surprising to know that aloe vera is a supercharged nutrient for the hair and scalp.

Our organic aloe vera extract is one of the most important ingredients in our PROSPER Follicle Booster Serum and for good reason. Aloe vera is packed with proteolytic enzymes which actively stimulate dormant follicles on the scalp, promoting hair growth. As hair begins to grow, continued use of aloe vera extract will help to eliminate unnatural hair loss and shedding, with vital proteins, vitamins and minerals being added to the hair to ensure it remains thick and healthy. Applied directly, proteolytic enzymes also help to heal and repair damaged cells in the scalp and antifungal and antiviral properties help to reduce common issues such as dandruff and flaking. The high moisture content of aloe vera helps condition your new hair, helping it to stay hydrated.

Aloe vera can be found working actively with other powerful ingredients in our PROSPER Follicle Booster Serum. Together with our THRIVE Hair Growth Shampoo and Hair and Follicle Nutrition supplement, our CtoMi men’s hair products are specifically formulated for the regrowth of thick, strong hair. Products are suitable for most men suffering from a receding hairline or baldness and are available now.