Pueraria Mirifica

Natural Support for Women

A tuberous root with a medicinal history spanning over 700 years, pueraria mirifica contains concentrated amounts of miroestrol and deoxymiroestol- two compounds that have shown to be over 3,000 times more potent as estrogens than soy Isoflavones. The word mirifica means miracle which is perhaps a hint to how special this root is!

Pueraria mirifica is a rich source of phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogens are derived from plants and contain a variety of health benefits including heart support, balanced hormones and bone health. One of the more noted benefits of phytoestrogens is that it helps to maintain healthy breast tissue. The phytoestrogens in pueraria mirifica mimic estrogen in the body, activating the estrogen cellular pathway. The female breasts have the highest number of estrogen receptors in the body, which makes the intake of pueraria mirifica effective in supporting healthy breast tissue.

Because pueraria mirifica communicates with the estrogen receptors in the body (instead of “mimicking” estrogen as other therapies do), it acts as an excellent hormonal balancing agent. When estrogen levels within a women are too high, the herb will help to restrict the effect of receptors in the body to weaken the effect of hormones, bringing balance. When hormones levels are low, the opposite will occur. Modulated hormones can often provide support in the slowing of common menopausal symptoms.

With unique herbal properties that can support healthy breast tissue and help to balance hormones without the toxicity or side effects of synthetic drugs, pueraria mirifica is a special herb. Our breast support & care supplement contains pueraria mirifica extract direct from natural source and is an ideal daily supplement for women of all ages.