RELIEVE Manuka and Lanolin Lip Balm


A luscious natural blend of manuka honey, lanolin and beeswax, RELIEVE helps to restore and repair dry, cracked or burnt lips. RELIEVE is ideal for people of all ages and is paraben, BHT and alcohol free.


Place a small amount directly onto the lips and gently massage. For daily use.


RELIEVE’s natural formulation with manuka honey is specifically designed for the lips, which are naturally more sensitive than other areas of the skin. The high level of enzymes found in manuka honey create a natural hydrogen peroxide that works as an antibacterial, helping to protect the lips. RELIEVE also includes lanolin, which has a molecular structure that closely resembles our own skin lipids as well as a semi-occlusive breathable barrier, helping to soothe and protect lips simultaneously. Once massaged into the skin, Lanolin holds 400 times its weight in water, helping to keep lips plump.

Key Ingredient

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