Sheep Placenta 40,000


A rich source of vitamins and minerals, our sustainably sourced Sheed Placenta hard gels contain a wide range of nutrients that help encourage essence of life. Used traditionally in Asia for generations, sheep placenta helps to encourage cell integrity, collagen and elastin production, general immune function, cellular hydration and more. With a wide range of benefits across the body, our Sheep Placenta hard gels are suitable for women from all walks of life.


Our Sheep Placenta hard gel is designed to be taken once per day with a meal. We recommend taking with either breakfast or dinner


Our Sheep Placenta hard gels contain essential proteins, vitamins and minerals. Such nutrients can help to encourage cell growth, collagen and elastin production, hormone regulation, immune function, cellular hydration and efficient oxygen transfer, providing a wide range of benefits across the entire body.
Key Ingredient

Sheep Placenta - Rich in Rejuvenating Nutrients

Our team at CtoMi have recently discovered the rejuvenating properties of ovine placenta. Extracted sustainably from healthy sheep, ovine placenta is an excellent source of various nutrients, lipids and growth factors. Ovine placenta is high in special proteins that help to promote cell growth, regulate hormones and provide protection to the immune system. Ovine placenta has recently been t......

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