Sheep Placenta 40,000


A rich source of vitamins and minerals, our sustainably sourced Sheed Placenta hard gels contain a wide range of nutrients that help encourage essence of life. Used traditionally in Asia for generations, sheep placenta helps to encourage cell integrity, collagen and elastin production, general immune function, cellular hydration and more. With a wide range of benefits across the body, our Sheep Placenta hard gels are suitable for women from all walks of life.


Our Sheep Placenta hard gel is designed to be taken once per day with a meal. We recommend taking with either breakfast or dinner


Our Sheep Placenta hard gels contain essential proteins, vitamins and minerals. Such nutrients can help to encourage cell growth, collagen and elastin production, hormone regulation, immune function, cellular hydration and efficient oxygen transfer, providing a wide range of benefits across the entire body.

羊胎素 - 富含活肤营养素

我们在CtoMi的团队最近发现了羊胎素的活肤特性。从健康的绵羊中可持续提取出来的羊胎素是各种营养、脂质和生长因子的极好来源。羊胎素富含特殊蛋白质,有助于促进细胞生长,调节激素,并对免疫系统提供保护。 羊胎素最近被认为是一种天然的皮肤再生器。在羊胎盘中的干细胞被鉴定为能够通过再生细胞来帮助延缓衰老过程,这些细胞可能已经被自由基等化合物所破坏。健康细胞的再生使我们的皮肤能够积极吸收有益的营养物质,......