Soy Isoflavones 12,000


Our Soy Isoflavones soft gels combine the complete protein of our natural soy extract with evening primrose oil, which is high in omega-6 fatty acids, encouraging hormonal balance while supporting brain, skin and reproductive health. Added calcium also encourages optimal bone health. Soy Isoflavones 12,000 is ideal for women who are looking to balance their hormones, while helping to alleviate common symptoms of menopause and PMS.


Our Soy Isoflavones soft gels should be taken once daily, preferably at breakfast time (1 capsule) to allow slow absorption through the day.


Soy is known as the most phytoestrogen-rich plant found in the modern diet and can be consumed in a variety of ways. Our supplement combines the complete protein of our natural soy extract with evening primrose oil; a well known omega-6 fatty acid. Together, they help to balance hormones and alleviate common symptoms during menopause and PMS.

Key Ingredient

Calcium - Does more than Strengthen Bones

Calcium is the most present mineral in our body, with healthy individuals carrying over 2% of their body weight in calcium alone. Many of us think that calcium is used to strengthen bones and while this is true, it does so much more than that. Calcium contains essential nutrients that strengthen teeth, support a healthy blood pressure level and encourage efficient muscle and nerve function. ......

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